Beauty on a Budget

I haven’t done a post in awhile partly because I have been caught up with twitter. By the way you should follow me @SimFiguresItOut. However, a fellow blogger and a dear friend of mine for the past 😮 more than ten years, Candice, you can check out her blog by clicking here suggested I do this post. 

So last night I was feeling a little bit down and usually to feel better, a day at the spa, a new hairdo, a mani or pedi, lol maybe some ice cream always does the trick. I opted for the spa, at home, using items I have around me every day. You can do it too and you should try :).

Things I used:

  • Everyday Face Soap (Neutrogena)
  • Baking Soda
  • Lasco Unflavoured Milk Powder
  • Peppermint Tea Bag
  • Aloe Vera
  • Cod Liver Oil capsules

Technology has failed me 😦 I took pictures and everything but unfortunately they are inaccessible :(.

  1. CLEANSE: Wash face twice with whatever soap you use. You should always have a separate soap for your face, to avoid extra contamination.
  2. Put tea bag in a container and poor boiling water on it, cover to allow the water to become infused with the peppermint.
  3. TONE: While water is still warm (should be just cool enough to be bearable) dip cotton in mixture and wipe face (this is being used as a toner)
  4. EXFOLIATE: Make a paste with baking soda and water and apply to face and scrub gently in circular motions to remove dead skin cells and any other build up that is preventing that natural glow.
  5. TONE: Rinse face with cool water. Wipe with peppermint mixture once more.
  6. MASK: Use milk powder and make a paste with water, (should not be runny) apply to face as a mask, leave for 10-20 minutes or until dry. Rinse face with cool water. TONE: Dip cotton in peppermint mixture once more and wipe face.
  7. Cut a piece of aloe vera and smush with a fork. Burst 3 or 4 cod liver oil gel capsules and squeeze oil into container. Mix thoroughly.
  8. TREAT: Apply aloe and oil mixture on face, let it sit for as long as possible (at least 30 mins). If you can let it stay on over night the results are spectacular.

CLEANSE: This process involves removing dirt and other impurities from the surface of the skin. Most persons stay away from using bar soaps and stick to washes, because they say bar soaps leave reside. I say, use whatever works for you. This is always the 1st step in a facial.

TONE: This procedure is done after every other step. Toning is the process by which additional debris such as dead skin cells are removed. This step promotes blood circulation and improves skin tone. I used peppermint tea bags because peppermint has a stimulating and cooling effect, perfect for encouraging blood circulation. 

Alternatives may include:

LEMON JUICE                                                     




EXFOLIATE: Sometimes referred to as a scrub. Most times grainy in texture to facilitate the removal of dead skin cells and other unwanted impurities that may need a little bit more effort to be removed. The scrubbing action may also stimulate the unclogging of pores. I used baking soda because it can easily be mixed with water, also baking soda has properties that allows it to fizz, this action increases the likelihood of pores becoming unclogged. Baking soda is also suitable for almost all skin types.

Alternatives may include:

Brown Sugar and Olive Oil


Salt and Olive Oil

Cornmeal and Water

MASK: A mask is put on the face for at least 10 minutes, it penetrates the skin and its purpose is to remove impurities deeply embedded in the pores. A mask can also be used to moisturize dry skin and remove excess oils for oily skins. As such masks should be chosen specifically to a person’s skin type. I used a milk mask because milk is a natural source of fat which has excellent moisturizing properties and also contains protein which nourishes the skin, giving a bright glow rather than a dull appearance.

Alternatives include:




TREATMENT: This step is taken to correct any problems with the skin, such as blemishes, pimples, scars, dryness and again is specific to an individual’s skin condition. Treatments have a wide range. I used cod liver oil because it has vitamin A, E and D which are all excellent for achieving beautiful skin. However I’m a sucker for vitamin E. You can read my post Aloe: All Over to find out why I used aloe.

Tell me what you decide to try. If you need any help figuring out what is best for your skin type. Ask me today!


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