Quit Today

Smoking, alcohol drinking, gambling AND be prepared to add soda drinking to that list of bad habits / addictions that you need to quit, starting right now.

Honestly, before I went on my research for doing this post, my only reason for advising you to quit soda was the sugar content. But look what I dug up… FIVE MORE reasons for you to quit. So why are you still drinking it? The word soda was derived from the process by which the drink is made fizzy. That is by adding sodium bicarbonate and acid to water (to be honest, I could not get a good source to quote from). But basically its similar to why baking soda is called such, see the similarity with the fizzing action?

The photo above basically outlines enough reasons to say why you need to remove this item from your diet dictionary but I will expound on sugar. Having an average of NINE teaspoons per sitting… umm, say what? Imagine your container of granulated sugar, with you in front of it with a teaspoon eating 9 of em full each time you drink a glass of water. I am already sickened by the thought. Sugar is one of the main culprits in our everyday diet which contribute to fat, and weight gain.

By the way when I say diet, I am referring to the food we consume daily. Diet has been tailored to mean being restrictive in the foods we consume but that in itself is rightly a “strict” diet.

Most studies show that when an individual drastically cuts the sugar from their diet, weight loss is seen almost immediately. High consumption of sugar lead to diseases such as obesity and diabetes which are risk factors for many other life threatening illnesses.

Sodium is also a key ingredient in soda, hence why it is called such. Most times, when a person with high blood pressure comes to me for advice, they don’t smoke, their salt and caffeine intake is minimal and they can find no reason linking to the cause of their fate. After probing, such individuals admit to having at least THREE bottles of soda PER DAY. 9 x 3 = TWENTY-SEVEN!!! teaspoons of sugar. Need I say more? In addition an average bottle of soda may contain anywhere from 20-100 mg of unnaturally occurring sodium. Soda contains BOTH caffeine and sodium, both these ingredients, if consumed in excess can wreak serious havoc on our bodies.

Next time, before you open a snack or any package of processed food just check the sodium content. And to think DIET soda contains more sodium than the regular.

Remember, most beverages or foods that claim to be “low-fat” or “diet” usually means the addition of more harmful chemicals to make it that way.

Here are a few other things you might want to consider since you are gonna quit soda 🙂


3 thoughts on “Quit Today

  1. Love love love the last poster. I learned the other day that low fat stuff have chemicals to harm you. Aspertain is the one I know. It’s sad that ppl can not just manufacture healthy food.

  2. Yup, lol and its “aspartame” funny enough, its one of the main ingredients in sugar substitutes such as “Splenda” and “Equal”. They are high up on the carcinogens ladder and that is sad. Unfortunately we live in a world where our population eats faster that we can manufacture, not even the vegetables we consume are healthy due to harmful pesticides and fertilizers. But what to do?

  3. Love this post! I am soooo guilty, need to cut out this soda thing man. I’ve been having more fruit juice but those aren’t 100% fruit either. I suppose the only thing left to do is to get my own juicer. *sigh*

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