Breakfast …to go please

Your alarm has been put on snooze four times in the last hour, you finally open your eyes long enough to look at the time and, you have less than 45 minutes to get ready! Just enough time to grab a quick shower, put an outfit together, make your self look presentable for the day ahead, no time for breakfast. Unfortunately, this is the everyday story for most of us who have a 9-5 or a job that takes us away from home.

If you’ve never heard it before, I’m going to say it once more breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s not lunch and it’s definitely not dinner, nor the snacks you pick at every now and again throughout the day.

After sleeping for the last 6-8 hours (if you are able to get that much) your body has exhausted the fuel (any food you may have consumed before you went to bed) necessary to keep your organs working throughout the night. So as it is so rightly called, your first meal of the day breaks the previous day’s fast :). In order to get the most of your body, having it work efficiently, especially with the added stress of your everyday life, give it the push it needs with a healthy breakfast.

Most persons thing that if its not heavy, not consisting of your yam, banana, some sort of meat kind, tea and the whole works, its not considered breakfast. Remember you have six food groups and you have the entire day to get all the necessary servings in. You aren’t expected to have it all in one sitting, breakfast just starts you off.

I advise you to just pick 3 of the 6 food groups and have one or two servings in each of the groups picked.

So as you can see, doing so isn’t too hard. For example, a bowl of cereal and your favourite fruit includes your carbohydrates(from your cereal) milk in the food from animals section and a fruit. You also have the choice of making a sandwich, includes your carbs and your food from animals, maybe an egg and a glass of juice, your fruits. Its not so hard after all.

However, it would be beneficial to you prepare for this. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen over night. Keeping your fridge stocked with healthy food encourages healthy eating and ready access to the tools you need to make a healthy breakfast.

Here are 9 quick, fun and simple ideas for making a nutritious breakfast.

What are you waiting for? Make your next morning the first step to having a kick start to your day the right way. Instead of no breakfast have one, to go 🙂


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