Aloe: All Over

Just put some aloe on! Its as simple as that! (Well almost).

Aloe Vera has been the “cure” for almost every problem for as long as I can remember. But knowing what I do now, makes it one of my most favourite plants of all time. It has so many properties, its amazing. The most extraordinary benefits include: Clarifying, Moisturizing and Anti-inflammatory. These all become significant when it comes to our skin, hair and even digestive health! Let’s explore these benefits now.


For the purposes of this blog, clarifying means to clear up. And in the true sense of the word, Aloe does just that!

  • If you are plagued by acne scars (dark spots left from pimples squeezed) just take some of the gel like substance from the miracle plant and rub it on. And you can rub it all over your face if you like. And in no time you’ll start to see the dark spots fading.
  • For persons who suffer from; dandruff or dry scalp, rub some aloe gel on the scalp and the itching is relieves and the flaking disappears after continuous use!
  • Burning sensation due to heartburn or stomach ulcer? Constipated? Or just need a mild internal cleanse? Mixing the gel with your water(or just eating it, if you’re brave enough) Can give you a proper internal flush and alleviate all of the aforementioned symptoms.

Taking aloe vera internally also allows acne, eczema, dandruff and other skin related conditions to be cleared up more effectively along side with external use



Dry, brittle, damaged and constant shedding of the hair can probably be every girl’s nightmare. I know its MINE!

  • Before shampooing the hair, use the gel of the aloe vera (and coconut oil) and saturate your hair with it (esp. the ends, and don’t forget the SCALP!!!) Leave on for half hour to an hour, or overnight if you can, under a steam cap. Also add some while you put the conditioner in (after shampooing). YOU should try this and then tell ME the results.
  • Dry skin, as a result of dehydration, or constant washing with drying face products or constant exposure to dry heat or air condition? Should I say anymore? Rub some aloe vera gel on(and vitamin e from a capsule). Magic! And the glow? Unforgivable!

Can you tell I’m excited at the wonders of this plant?


The aloe vera is not only excellent for acne scars but for the red, painful and otherwise unsightly pimples, immediately before and after you squeeze them!

You know the drill: Put some aloe vera gel on for at least an hour a day and preferably overnight (with vitamin E) and voila!

  • Likewise, for those ladies and men who shave. To prevent razor burns, or alleviate the unsightly redness and puffiness (especially in the bikini area). Just slap some gel on!
  • Excellent soothing gel for sunburn. It can be stored in the fridge and is even more soothing when used cool.

These are just SOME of the amazing benefits of the aloe vera plant guys!!! We have so much of it available here on our wonderful island! Try some TODAY! (All over)


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