Warding off the “Vampires”

Vampires. My favourite mythical creature. Nevertheless, this does not take from the horrible fact that they are blood thirsty, heartless, immortal demons which will stop at nothing to either infect or by whatever means necessary steal blood from a mortal for their own selfish purpose – to sustain their own life.

Likewise many of the illnesses or diseases that we face today treat our bodies the same way. Getting to the source of our lives’ sustenance – our blood.

Garlic has been for many years seen as an antibiotic.

  • I remember whenever I had a cold, mom would recommend me make a cup of garlic tea.
  • We put garlic in our rice and peas for flavour, however the original practice was for the garlic to be put in the food while it was being cooked, then be removed before the meal was finished ( to use the garlic as a medium to remove the bacteria).

Look at the many forms of vampires this everyday herb can alleviate.

The history behind Garlic and Vampires



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