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Following up the previous blog: “13 ways to Focus”, today I bring to you a product by Symmetry that consists of many herbs that assist in enhancing mental clarity. This product is available through me. My related website for this product is

Clarity is a powerful, synergistic blend featuring:

  • Ginkgo biloba – an oxygenating herb that scientific studies show to increase blood flow to the brain; noted for its beneficial effects on mental performance.
  • Red ginseng – strategically blended with a variety of other botanicals and nutrients known for their ability to support focus, concentration, memory and learning.
  • Herbal blend – clinically tested ingredients blended in proper ratio to support proper circulation, thereby promoting mental stimulation.

A few of the herbs contained in this amazing product include:

Ginkgo Biloba, which is one of the oldest living tree species, dating back over 300 million years (individual trees can live for over 1,000 years). In China, extracts of the fruit and leaves of the ginkgo tree have been used for over 5,000 years for respiratory concerns and brain function.

Recently, western researchers have been studying Ginkgo Biloba as a control for senility, hardening of the arteries, and as a support for oxygen deprivation. This research has shown the herb’s ability to boost the brain’s metabolism of energy-producing glucose and increase electrical activity.

Researchers have also reported that Ginkgo extracts effectively increase blood circulation and increase oxygen levels in brain tissues. Ginkgo is also a powerful antioxidant that supports normal platelet aggregation inside arterial walls, helping to keep them flexible.

Ginkgo’s ability to improve blood flow has been shown in numerous studies with the elderly. Aging can be associated with decreased blood flow to the lower extremities, with numbing or tingling legs common in this group. German researchers found that Ginkgo extracts improved circulation to the extremities and made it possible for patients to walk further with much less discomfort. Ginkgo biloba extracts are considered safe and free of side effects for the most part.

Gotu Kola rebuilds the energy reserves, and is thought to be particularly useful after a nervous system support. Gotu kola is sometimes called “food for the brain”. Gotu kola helps to combat stress, improve reflexes, and increase mental and physical power. 

In recent years, gotu kola has become popular in the West as a nerve tonic to promote relaxation and to enhance memory.

Indian healers used the gotu kola herb to treat skin inflammations and as a mild diuretic. Oriental healers relied on gotu kola to treat emotional disorders such as depression that may be rooted in physical problemsGotu kola has also been used to bring down fever and to relieve congestion due to colds and upper respiratory infections.

Gotu kola has been used traditionally for people who are inactive or confined to bed due to illness. Proponents of the herb also believe that its beneficial effect on circulation may help improve memory and brain function.


  • Ginseng stimulates both physical and mental activity.
  • Ginseng greatly strengthens and protects the human body from stress.
  • Ginseng increases physical and mental efficiency, improves accuracy of work, and contributes to one’s concentration.
  • Ginseng stimulates and improves the work of the brain cells.
  • Ginseng is well known to support of the nervous system.Ginseng supports the function of the endocrine glands.

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