Now is always the right time to start


Hi! I’m super excited because this is my first ever blog post. Apart from the fact that the new year is only a couple days away, I decided not to wait until “next year” because now is always the right time to start.

This blog is a combination of the passions I have in life: health and beauty. I am glad to know I have begun pursuing my dreams 1st by acquiring my Bsc. in Dietetics and Nutrition and secondly getting a certificate in skin care.

So this blog is dedicated to you- my friends, family, strangers, those who are just curious, those who seriously need help and everyone else. Figure It Out is dedicated to helping you achieve that perfect figure you’ve always been dreaming of; whether it be to gain weight, lose weight or just tighten up a few areas. On the other hand Simply Beautiful is dedicated to assisting to you to bring out your natural beauty, simply. Combined I’ve brought to you FigureItOutSimply. 

So help me help you. I’l try to make my posts as often as possible but ask what you may and I’ll create a post for you.



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